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@ 2019 Studioeventi - Vietata la riproduzione totale o parziale dei contenuti testuali e grafici​


 a destination to visit in every season

Events 2020

When hospitality is modeled on the scrupulous care of every detail and becomes emotion​


From our great passion for the world of travel and the pleasure of sharing our emotions with anyone who wants to explore the "continent" of Umbria, over the years we have significantly developed the incoming sector.​

We did it with the intention of promoting a system of alternative hospitality to the usual proposals, offering ourselves to an Italian and foreign market which is being characterized to be increasingly curious, attentive and demanding.
Art cities, medieval villages, palaces, fortresses and castles. Finds and testimonies of ancient civilizations. Events that evoke popular traditions and great cultural events throughout the year. A rich gastronomic offer. An exuberant and uncontaminated nature in whose inner silence it is possible to rediscover a forgotten sensibility. 
This is Umbria. This is "our world".​

We have more than 1000 beds in hotels of various categories



Festa del Rinascimento

from 04/06 to 21/06



Festival dei Due Mondi

from 26/06 to 12/07



Umbria Jazz

from 10/07 to 19/07


Città della Pieve

Palio dei Terzieri

from 12/08 to23/08





from 18/09 to 20/09

special offers for bookings until 01/31/2020

he circuits of

hidden excellence

Città di Castello


from 23/10 to 25/10

Live your vacation in the green heart of Italy


Easter weekend

april 10/13 

Easter week

april 6/13 

april 11/18 

Spring bridges

april 23/26 

may 01/03 

may 07/09 

may 13/15  


Autumn Foliage

november 1/4

november 2/5

november 3/6

november 4/8


Our best partners


Summer holidays

Farmhouse Pieve del Castello


The ideal place for all kinds of holidays: for families with children, sports enthusiasts or food and wine enthusiasts, but also for those who simply want to regenerate themselves immersed in nature.


The structure is an excellent starting point to explore the infinite gems of our region, from Perugia to Assisi, from Spoleto to Gubbio, as well as many other medieval villages enclosed in lush hills.


Upon request, the living room can be integrated with excursions, horseback riding, typical dinners in characteristic villages on the occasion of village festivals, live music.


 Specialized restaurant for groups

The Arca Antica restaurant is very appreciated by guests thanks to the delicious Umbrian cuisine and the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that emanates from the natural context in which it is found.


All the menus are the result of a careful selection of products chosen according to the rules of a typical culinary tradition that favors the taste of the diversity of flavors.


The spacious and bright room can accommodate 160 people and, upon request, it is possible to personalize it by creating a themed banquet, even with live music.


If you are an individual tourist or a travel agency, try to contact us ... in the end, it costs nothing! We look forward to offering all our assistance to travel in our wonderful region.

We have private drivers with a diverse fleet of classic sedan cars, luxury cars, minivans and group buses.


We have hotels of various categories, a wide range of food and wine, the possibility of practicing sports (golf, rafting, hang gliding, horseback riding, etc.) and much more.


We also offer a VIP service program designed for demanding customers who enjoy all the comforts that life offers and have a high economic status.
Whether it's a business trip or a vacation, we will do our best to take care of every detail and make your stay unique and unforgettable.

pulizie industriali
pulizia pavimenti

Welcome to Italy

Our country is one of the most beautiful in the world. Our great cities and those of our province, the marvelous coasts, the fascinating islands, the lush countryside are the setting for important historical and artistic treasures (Italy holds 65% of all works of art and monuments of artistic value in the world), in addition to holding one of the largest and most well-known food and wine offers in the world and able to satisfy any palate.

Traveling to Italy means knowing lifestyles and ways of being very different but similar in belonging to this wonderful land.
The itineraries to explore our country between the sea and the mountains are endless and publishing them all on these pages is practically impossible. Each request, for groups or individuals, has a different duration, a different season, a different treatment.

Each program is made up of many variables so we always prefer to tailor our trips, adapting to specific requests that aim to optimize the time and budget available.
If you are an individual tourist or a travel agency, try to contact us ... we will be happy to give you our full support and help you make a trip  in Italy as you've always imagined.


Do you want to create a tour that includes only some specific Italian cities?
Do you want to spend your holidays on one of our islands?
Would you like to reach our mountain, which is particularly beautiful in both summer and winter?
Taking advantage of your presence in Italy, would you also like to visit some European cities?

No problem !

Send us your request.
We will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Send your request to: booking@studioeventi.org



Welcome to Europa​

pulizie industriali
pulizia pavimenti

Welcome to Europa​

Italy, thanks to its geographical position in the center of the old continent and with more than 40 airports, is the ideal base to start or end a trip in Europe. You can coordinate an itinerary that includes Italy or take a trip to one or more countries without arriving in Italy.
We know that there are many individual travelers who believe that organizing a European tour through the Internet is easy.

How is it possible for travel agencies to contact more than one correspondent office to combine the different stages of the same trip.
Actually, sometimes all this work is quite complicated and certainly not economically advantageous. Try sending us your request ... after all, it costs nothing!
Our staff will be happy to be available to suggest the best solutions to optimize the time and budget available.
With just one request, you can get all the answers you need. Send your request to: booking@studioeventi.org

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